2014… I still love food

2014... I still love food

It has been a busy start to 2014, with the beginning of a yoga teaching life, however not busy enough to keep me away from restaurants… And good food!!
It all started when crossing the river and heading to Finsbury Park. Instead of the usual Turkish haunts, the lovely Rebecca booked at a table at the Osteria Tufo for an Italian meal that sounded promising (if Trip Advisor was to be trusted).
It did not disappoint. Real Italian food, made with love. The decor is minimal but there was an essence of eating in someone’s dining room… relaxed but with some aplomb! The owner was simply fabulous! A real Napoletana, and she made us feel so very welcome. She really knew about her food and took such pleasure at seeing us hoover it up that we could not help but warm to her. My meal consisted of fried taleggio cheese on rocket with a honey dressing, beautiful parpadelle with spicy sausage, and the biggest portion of tiramisu that you have ever laid your eyes upon. Simple and heartwarming. I will definitely be returning!

Saturday night was treat night. It was part of the boy’s Christmas present, and I think it is fair to say I scored major brownie points by taking him to the Clove Club in Shoreditch. This is not your every day eatery but if you have something to celebrate I would not hesitate. If you go with/are a man, there is also the added bonus that he/you will be delighted to come face to face with a real life meat curing cupboard. Only for real meat lovers!
We were really looked after by the staff; amazing service without the stuffiness, and the uncluttered decor had a sort of Scandinavian feel to it that made everything seem easy.
Our amazing waitress Emily knew everything about the dishes above, and minus the langoustine, we sampled every single thing. Yes, that is because the beauty of the menu lies in the amazing food but also in the fact you do not need to make any choices! Hurrah. A special mention for the beautiful lamb, the blood orange (with fennel granita!! Who would have thought?) and the sweet, decadent tarte tatin. Desserts are usually just an add-on but in this instance, truly part of the meal. I cannot recommend this place enough!!


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