Feminism is not dead

It has taken me an eternity to sit down and write (again…), but life is pretty good right at the moment! I am now a full time yoga and fitness instructor, and being my own boss is the best… it is also extremely time consuming!

There has been a lot of talk about feminism in the press lately. If truth be told, I feel like it is getting out of hand. One of the statements that I have read over and over again, is that men cannot be feminists. What?! Why on earth is that?! I know many men that are feminists, and they are some of the kindest, cleverest and interesting men around. That does not mean that they are burning their girlfriends’ bras in the street, or their own underpants, or any other item of clothing.

Feminism simply means you believe that men and women should be equal. Yes, equal. Not that women should be better, or put on a pedestal, that you just believe that men and women are as good and as bad as each other. Why should men be excluded from that opinion? In my eyes, any decent human being should agree with that statement.

It means women should be able to take maternity leave, but that men should be able to take paternity leave if their partner wants to work. It means we should let women be flexible with their working hours if they have children, but that we should also let men do so if they are the main child carer. It means men and women should stand equal ground.

I am tempted to say that is widely the case, however when we look at figures (namely equal pay figures), it becomes clear that we’re not there just yet! However by excluding men from being feminists in their own right, women are only delaying the possibility of reaching equality in and out of the work place.

We have however stepped into some kind of madness. Politicians especially seem to have complaints against one sexist remarks or another every other week. Some of them are completely right, however others seem to have entirely misjudged the situation. That a male politician ‘insults’ a female politician is unacceptable in a public or private work environment, but when a male politician ‘insults’ another male politician, we do not find this shocking. It should be, regardless of your sex. Not every slur can be turned into a sexist remark, and it is tainting the word feminism with a colour nobody wants to wear… Let’s make that change!

Oh! And be nice to each other. It works.


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