Biting the Bullet

Today, I finally bit the bullet… and bought a Nutribullet. I have been wondering about purchasing a juicer for months now, and today, I brought the wonderfully small (it barely takes up any space) juicer home… and made my first green juice! Wohoo!

They don’t all have to taste of broccoli, and it has to be said, that green is definitely the way to go if you want to keep sugar to a low in the mix. This one was delicious:

– a handful of spinach
– juice of half a lemon
– half an avocado
– one celery stick
– a table spoon of flaxseed
– ginger
– one apple (although you could probably get away with half an apple)

Add a bit of water or ice, and blend! Yum!
I live a lot of my day on the go, often leaving the house before 6am. So it will be a great way to stave of the hunger until later in the morning without going for the deadly croissant and coffee combo. I am hoping this is a win to stay.


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